Who Was Kenneth Erwin Hagin

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In July 2002 while praying the Lord revealed to me that Dad Hagin was not just a Prophet, but he was an Apostle to his entire generation. The Lord did not reveal to me, at his funeral nor at this time in 2002, that he was the forerunner of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

In 2003, just a few weeks before Dad Hagin’s home going I was able to talk with him about what I saw in the Spirit about him being an Apostle to his generation. He told me the story of Jesus appearing to his mother before he was born and told her to name him John. I still had not received the revelation that he was the forerunner of the second coming of Jesus Christ, even though I heard him tell the story many times. The first time he ever mentioned, publicly, that he was the forerunner of the second coming of Jesus Christ, just as John the Baptist was the forerunner of the first coming of Jesus was at his Camp Meeting in July 2001, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

And thou, child, shalt be called the prophet of the Highest: for thou shalt go before the face of the Lord to prepare his ways; (Luke 1:76)  While I was praying the Lord revealed to me that Kenneth Erwin Hagin was the forerunner of the second coming of Jesus Christ. His ministry was to make ready a people for the coming of the Lord. Jesus, wept over Jerusalem because they missed the time of their visitation.  Jesus’ disciples didn’t fully realize who Jesus was until after He had risen from the dead and taught them. Further revelation came to them in the years following his death. I encourage you to follow the heavenly vision that came through Dad Hagin. We are not to follow the life of the man, Kenneth Hagin, but we are to receive the revelation that came through him.

The Last Words I Heard From Dad Hagin

I had a spiritual relationship with Kenneth E. (Dad) Hagin like I never had with anyone spiritual leader. It was a divine relationship established by the Lord Jesus Christ and started while I was still in prison. For more about my miraculous testimony I encourage you to get my book, Escape From Hell. The Bible tells us to know no man after the flesh. I realize that we do not follow men, but the Lord connects us with those whom He has anointed to train us and help us develop in the ministry He has called us to. Some good Biblical examples of this are Elijah and Elisha, Paul and Timothy, Eli and Samuel, Naomi and Ruth, Moses and Joshua, Jesus and His disciples, etc.

In 1982, at Holman Prison, I was led of the Lord to study his books and materials. I was released from prison and attended RHEMA from1985-1987. I was escorting Dad Hagin across the RHEMA campus in 1987. Suddenly, he stopped and said to me, “The Lord wants you to speak at Campmeeting 1987. He has a purpose in it.” Since that time he invited me to speak at other camp meetings he held, being led by the Lord to do so.

Before Brother Hagin moved to Heaven, he sat down beside me and put his arm around my shoulders and talked with me for almost an hour. He talked with me about the ministry and anointing that the Lord was moving me into and how I should learn to yield to that anointing and not draw back from it.

A couple of weeks before he moved to heaven, I was eating with him after a night service. He suddenly said, “My Lord I sense the Holy Ghost!” Brother Hagin spoke in tongues and gave the interpretation. He said, “The Lord has led you in the smaller things, now He will lead you into the larger things; then He will lead you into a place in the Spirit that you have never been before. When you arrive there, you will say, my, my, my, I didn’t even know that this world existed.” I believe that word is not only for me but for all who desire to move on in the Spirit. I encourage you to press in to these spiritual things continually. Those were some of the last words that I ever heard Brother Hagin speak on the earth.

The Heavenly Calling Of Kenneth E Hagin

And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. -Luke 1:17

As I stated above, the calling of Kenneth E Hagin was to be a forerunner to the second coming of Jesus Christ, just as John the Baptist was a forerunner to the first coming of Jesus Christ. To understand the calling of Brother Hagin, you must understand the calling of John the Baptist. The calling and anointing of John the Baptist was to make ready a people prepared for the coming of the Lord. This was the same calling and anointing that was upon Dr. Hagin’s life. This Heavenly Vision and calling has not yet been completed. Thousands have been called to complete this Heavenly Vision that Jesus Christ set forth through Brother Hagin. The Heavenly Vision was spoken to Brother Hagin, but it came from the Lord Jesus Christ. Some that have been called to continue the Heavenly Vision have dismissed it, rejected it and some have even despised it. Therefore, the Heavenly Vision has been delayed because of disobedience. The time has come that the Lord cannot wait for those whom He has called to continue the Heavenly Vision, and has chosen others who will obey Him. Like Paul, I will not be disobedient unto the Heavenly Vision. I will move forth with the Word and Spirit, paying the price, denying the flesh and being Led by the Spirit of God.

Whereupon, O king Agrippa, I was not disobedient unto the heavenly vision: -Acts 26:19

The ministry and revelation of Kenneth Hagin emphasized two major things to prepare for the second coming of Jesus. The first was an absolute adherence to the Word of God. The second was being filled with and following the Holy Spirit. If it is not in the Bible we are not to embrace it or practice it and if it is in the Bible we must accept it, preach it and act upon it. He taught us to put the Word of God first place in our lives and ministry. The Holy Ghost will always agree with the Word of God and we are to yield to Him and allow Him to lead our lives, church and ministry. That is the only way we can have the supernatural in our meetings. The move of the Word and Spirit are the two streams that the Glory of God will flow into the church on, and bring us to the rapture of the saints. If you’re not in this, you will miss out on what the Lord is doing and saying today.

I saw that we were to continue with the Heavenly Vision that was given to Brother Hagin by the Lord Jesus Christ. It is not a choice but a mandate from Jesus Christ. I wept and trembled as I sensed the awesome responsibility of obeying the Lord in this matter. Millions and perhaps billions of people will be brought into the Kingdom through this spiritual outtpouring and then the end shall come.

RHEMA, which includes graduates, present students, RMAI and all those who were called to follow Dr. Hagin also have received this mandate from God. The truth is we are not following RHEMA or Dr. Hagin. We are following the Heavenly Vision from Jesus Christ himself. We cannot be disobedient to the Heavenly Vision because it is the plan of God. We all have our own individual path to accomplish through our anointing, but we must bring our supply of the spirit and anointing together to accomplish the plan of God. No one has all of the anointing. It has been divided among us all. It is to be carried out by the entire Body, not one or two people. RHEMA is not the only organization that will be involved in this end time move of God, there are many others. Dr, Hagin was entrusted with the revelation to bring this move to pass though, just like the Jews were entrusted to bring us the Word of God in the beginning.

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