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It has been said that God does not need our money. That is not true, He does not make counterfeit money and rain it down from Heaven. Thus, He needs our money to accomplish His will on the earth. Salvation, healing, victory, prosperity, redemption, etc is free, but it takes money to get that message to the world.  When you partner with those who are carrying out the will of God,  you are actually helping Jesus Christ build His kingdom on the earth. Everyone who partnered with Jesus in His ministry were always blessed way beyond what they could ever imagine.

It is very important whom you associate yourself with. I learned to be careful whom I associated myself with from Dad Hagin. A ministry's obedience or disobedience will influence your life to a degree if you follow them closely or support them. We at RGM encourage you to take advantage of being a partner with us. You are prayed for daily, get inside information that does not go to the general public about what the Lord is doing in the earth, you will receive discounts on productsand free material from RGM from time to time.

         -Randall Grier

Benefits of Being An RGM Partner

• Reaping a financial harvest.
• "Spiritual Wisdom" e-letter periodically sent out with information not released to the public.
• Fulfilling the plan of God on the earth.

Give Monthly (Automatic Bank Payments)

Did you know that most banks allow you to set up automatic monthly payments for free?

By allowing Randall Grier Ministries to debit your specified amount monthly, your gift can be automatically sent straight to us without you having to ever lift a finger. If you would like more information about this, just contact us at the office. (918) 357-1138 /

Mail Checks to Randall Grier Ministries

If you would like to support RGM monthly with a check, please make it out to “Randall Grier Ministries” and mail it to:

Randall Grier Ministries
PO Box 140516
Broken Arrow, OK 74014 

Donate Online

For your convenience, we accept online donations via Paypal (On the sidebar to the left on this page).

The Power of Partnership

This testimony, given by a partner of RGM at a recent Word & Spirit meeting explains the importance of partnership and who you partner with.