Patti Grier

Vice President

Patti is the Vice President of Randall Grier Ministries and Acts Fellowship International. She is the special events coordinator for all RGM meetings and oversees all bookkeeping and financial responsibilities. She administers the day-to-day business of Randall Grier Ministries as well as Acts Fellowship International. She attended Lee University and worked in the medical field for many years. Patricia has an incredible testimony of dedicating her life to the Lord at a young age and spending her entire life serving the Lord and living under the anointing of God. She is dedicated to a life of faith and serving others. She has been actively involved with her husband, Randall, for over 25 years. She has ministered to women and youth, alongside her husband, across the country, in Canada, and in Europe.


Krist Adams

Director of Media, Communication, and Technology

Krist is the Director of Media, Communications, and Technology as well as the personal assistant for Rev. Randall Grier. He oversees all of our computer systems, media, and websites. He is over our media department, from layout and design to production of CD's, DVD's, books and our newsletter. Our websites and podcasts are designed and produced by him as well. He has many other jobs and does them with joy! He is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University and RHEMA Bible Training Center. He travels to all Word & Spirit seminars with Rev. Grier and is responsible for all media aspects of the event. He is married with three children.



Randall Grier Jr.

Assistant Director of Media and Communications.

Randall Jr. is Assistant Director of Media and Communication. He is a recent graduate of TCC and is currently enrolled at OSU. He is responsible for assisting the Director with all media and communication related materials including the website, graphic design, duplication, audio and video editing, and all internet-related issues. Randall also works as cameraman and production assistant at many Word and Spirit seminars. Additionally he often pilots the ministry’s airplane and helps in any needed areas of the ministry.