Prison Ministry

Randall Grier, Sr. spent almost ten years of his life behind prison bars. He accepted Christ as his saviour while on his third escape from prison in March 1982. He turned himself in and the Lord began a series of miracles in his life that still continue today! He was miraculously released from prison in August 1984 after being told he would never be eligible for parole and then received a full pardon in June 1993 of all crimes! Rev. Grier wants to help others come from where he was to where he is today. That’s why we love inmates and help them.


Inmates receive ministry publications and Bible studies from RGM. We answer many questions they have and offer Godly advice to help with their problems. They are prayed for daily by the staff of RGM. If you would like for us to send an inmate Rev. Grier’s book, Escape From Hell: The Personal Testimony of Randall Grier, please click on the link here to fill out the form.

 If you would like for RGM to send someone you know our free Bible Study, the person receiving the Bible Study must request it themselves  by writing to our office. Although we are happy to send the book at your request, the Bible Study must be requested by the inmate.

Randall Grier Ministries
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