FREE DOWNLOAD: Your Authority Over The Devil

One of the most important messages for the church today, if not the most important, is to know your spiritual authority in Christ. Jesus has given us authority over Satan and his schemes. However, just because He has given us that authority, that doesn’t mean that Satan is going to sit back and shut up. […]

FREE DOWNLOAD: The War Between Good And Evil

It should be clear to every Christian that there is a war going on between good and evil. Satan is constantly trying to stop the plans of God in the earth. He’s constantly trying to stop the church from moving into what God has called us to do. But the Lord has given us authority […]

FREE DOWNLOAD: If You Embrace The False, You’ll Never Have The Real

It is a truth that if you embrace the false, you will never have the real. They are two contradictory things. Like night and day, black and white, you can only have one or the other. There is a false move of God going on throughout the church world. It is an imitation devised by […]

Partner With Randall Grier Ministries

The Lord said, “Fear not! I will take care of you and I have given you all them that sail with you.” I knew the Lord was speaking of those who were partners with us in ministry. Since the time the Lord spoke that to me, we have had marvelous reports of our partners who were saved from the storm. I invite you to join with RGM and become a monthly financial partner. Partner with us today here.

- Rev. Randall Grier Partner with RGM

What About 2018

“2018 will be a year of promotion like you have never seen or known. A time to glean from the seed you have sown. A time to turnaround things that have gone wrong. This is your time; this is your year. Reach out in faith and take what is yours, while heaven is near!”

Kenneth E Hagin Prophecy From Word & Spirit – June 2018

Below is the prophecy that Rev. Randall Grier read from Dr. Kenneth E Hagin “You see, I have said— It has been prophesied by the Spirit of God, spoken by the Spirit, given by prophecy, given by tongues and interpretation; men speaking out of their hearts that burden, that word, that conviction that was put […]

Staying Out Of Deception

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils. (1 Tim. 4:1) I am sure you have heard of sound Bible doctrines, but you may have never thought about there being doctrines of devils. Doctrines of devils come from […]

I Aimed At it

Three men – Leroy, Roscoe and Mr. Ralph took several teenage boys hunting so they could learn to shoot guns safely, and hit what they were aiming at when they pulled the trigger. Mr. Ralph was an elderly gentleman about 80 years old, and was an excellent marksman with much experience. They went to the […]

Generation Life Youth Camp

July 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 2018Generation Life Youth Camp818 Goforth Road Blowing Rock, NC 995-0882 Rev. Randall Grier will be the guest speaker at this year’s Generation Life Youth Camp in Blowing Rock, NC. Founders and Directors Rev. Bill & Sandra Barbee invite youth to come and experience a week of fun and […]