I have heard for years preachers say that God does not need our money. That is not entirely true. God personally does not need your money. There is no money in heaven. However, ministers of the Gospel need your money because God does not make counterfeit money and rain it down from Heaven for the purpose of spreading the Gospel. Thus, God needs our money to accomplish His will on the earth. Salvation, healing, victory, prosperity, redemption, etc is free, but it takes money to get that message to the world.  When you partner with those who are carrying out the will of God,  you are actually helping Jesus Christ build His kingdom on the earth. Everyone who partnered with Jesus in His ministry were always blessed beyond what they could ever imagine.

It is very important with whom you associate yourself with. I learned to be careful with whom I associated myself with from Dad Hagin. A ministry’s obedience or disobedience will influence your life to a degree if you follow them closely or support them. We at RGM encourage you to take advantage of being a partner with us. We pray for our partners daily, share revelation and insights that do not go to the general public about what the Lord is doing in the earth, and offer discounts on products,and free material from RGM from time to time.  

-Randall Grier

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