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As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, there should be certain ‘trademarks’ of your life. There’s just certain things that pertain to you that don’t pertain to the world. For instance, you are spiritually alive, while the world is spiritually dead. Those in the Old Testament believed in God, followed Him, and worshipped Him too. There were certain things about them that made them stand out from the world. But once Jesus came, died, and rose from the dead – things changed greatly. There are certain promises in the Old Testament that are still for us today, but there are more, even better promises for us in the New Testament. In this free download, Rev. Randall Grier explains what a New Testament believer is. After Jesus rose from the dead, He gave us one thing that sets us apart from every other single person in the entire world. It is this one thing that characterizes what a New testament believer is. This message will be a blessing to you.