FREE DOWNLOAD: Victorious Prayer

  There’s a lot of people praying and not getting results. They’re just praying, hoping that God will hear them and answer them. But the Bible makes it clear how to pray and get answers – how to have Victorious Prayer. God desires to answer our prayers. In this message, Rev. Grier shares how you […]

FREE DOWNLOAD: Your Response To The Devil

  It is a fact that the devil will bring your way temptations, thoughts, accusations, and every other thing that he possibly can. It doesn’t matter what he brings though. The important thing is your response to him when he comes. Don’t dare to remain silent when he comes. You have to put up a […]

FREE DOWNLOAD: Make Ready A People

  In this message, Rev. Randall Grier shares spiritual insights about the ministry of Rev. Kenneth E Hagin and the important part the ministry plays in the plan of God. The Lord called and used Rev. Hagin’s ministry in a John the Baptist-type of way – to make ready a people. That calling is not […]

Partner With Randall Grier Ministries

The Lord said, “Fear not! I will take care of you and I have given you all them that sail with you.” I knew the Lord was speaking of those who were partners with us in ministry. Since the time the Lord spoke that to me, we have had marvelous reports of our partners who were saved from the storm. I invite you to join with RGM and become a monthly financial partner. Partner with us today here.

- Rev. Randall Grier Partner with RGM

Are You A Fence Straddler?

There is a pull on Christians, especially ministers, to compromise and identify with the world. You can see this as the things of the world have been brought into the church to cause it to lose what makes it the church. I don’t understand why a Christian, let alone a minister, would want to identify […]

The Church Is Not A Social Club

This may be a secret to some people, but the church of the Lord Jesus Christ is not a secular business or organization and it cannot be built on all natural principles. The church was not founded to be a social club for social gathering, even though we do gather for fellowship. It was first […]

Stay Consistent

For verily I say unto you, We’re talking about bringing in the harvest. verily, I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass, […]

The Purpose of Confession

When you talk about faith you gotta talk about confession. Because there is no faith without confession. There’s no such thing as faith without confession. Faith doesn’t stay silent. Confession is faith’s way of expressing itself. Confession does two things for the believer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a preacher or not. Confession isn’t something […]