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Word & Spirit: the Move of God

Word & Spirit: the Move of God
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Word & Spirit: The Move of God took place October 24, 25, 26, 2017 in Branson, MO. During the meeting, Rev. Grier delivered the message from Heaven to those in attendance. The best way to hear from God is to make sure you don't have a preplanned agenda to begin with. If you have your plan, God can’t give you His plan. The church has been praying for the world - for revival to come, but the Lord showed us that we need to be praying for the church. There are so many goofy things going on in the church because of seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, that if people were to come into the church like a flood, they’d be coming into false doctrine. The Lord wants to prepare His church first before the great outpouring of souls that are to come.

Rev. Grier also talked about true Biblical authority - authority that begins with your own life. If you can’t make yourself sit down, shut up, and obey the Bible, how are you going to make the devil do it? We must take our authority over the devil. In fact, that is what God is endeavoring to do through His body. We’ve been in a move of the Word & the Spirit, but God is wanting to move us into a new move that comes because of the Word & Spirit - the move of the power of God. But just because God wants to do something, that doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to happen. We must contend for it.  We must use our faith. It’s not just going to drop on us. We have a part to play. These meetings were a blessing to those in attendance and they will be a blessing to you as you hear and put into practice what the Lord says.

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